Michael Thaler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I use gimp occasionally to enhance or rescale photos and I also find
> it very annoying to work with the new gtk file-selector. Imagine the
> following situation: I have 20 photos in a directory and want to
> rescale them and save them to another directory. The open dialog
> remembers the directory I load the photos from, this is o.k. But
> unfortunately the save as... dialog does not.  So everytime I save a
> rescaled image I have to click on the home directory button and then
> click until I am in the correct directory. For me it would really be
> an enhancement if gimp would also remember the directory where
> pictures are saved with save as. (I know that I can create
> bookmarks, but I would still prefer that gimp would remember the
> directory I saved the last image to, because this would save one
> click).

That's been requested a couple of times and it would be easy to
implement. But I am afraid that it would make one task easier but at
the same time introduce problems for other use cases.

Basically what you ask for is not logical. Currently there's exactly
one File Open dialog and of course it remembers the folder it was last
being used in. There is however a File Save dialog for each image and
it comes up with the folder preselected that this image lives in. Now
if I open an image from folder A and save it to folder B, why should
the file selection dialogs of all other images (whether they are
already opened or not) switch to folder B now? There is actually no
good reason for such a behaviour and I expect it to cause quite some
confusion. But I am open for your view on this...

> I also find it quite annoying that there is no line edit widget
> where you can enter the path. In this respect the old gtk file
> choser widget worked very well (it probably was one of the best) and
> the new one completely sucks. I really don't understand why the gtk
> developers removed it. Why is something removed that is apparently
> useful to a lot of people and is no problem for someone who does not
> want to use it?

Because it isn't needed. You can still enter the filename and without
the entry it is easier to keep your eye focused on the list while you
are doing that. My experience shows that I need less keystrokes to
select a file with the new dialog.

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