Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Because it isn't needed. You can still enter the filename and
> without the entry it is easier to keep your eye focused on the list
> while you are doing that.

I for one find it quite annoying not being able to type full pathnames
into the file open dialog, slows me down a lot, is irritating and also
limits a lot in that I can't edit the current path with the keyboard,
couldn't even figure out how to move a directory up with type-ahead,
'..' doesn't work.

The new dialogs is nicly usable with the mouse, but with the keyboard
its IMHO *FAR* inferior to the old one, its slow, ugly (neither Ctrl-L
window not the type-ahead floating thing feels natural) and simply
confusing for really no good reason. Simply adding the text entry
widget to the new dialog would almost instantly fix most of the
problems it has and from what I can tell would make a lot of users
very happy. I really don't get way this still happen, since it was a
very common complain from day one, instead we got typeahead which
while an improvement doesn't really solve the problems.

> My experience shows that I need less
> keystrokes to select a file with the new dialog.

My experience shows that I need a more, need to grab the mouse and
whatever. The new dialog is really not much good for use with the

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