On Thursday 23 June 2005 06:24, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Basically what you ask for is not logical.

That's not quite true. It's illogical *from one perspective*; this one:

> Currently there's exactly one File Open dialog and of course it
> remembers the folder it was last being used in. There is however
> a File Save dialog for each image and it comes up with the folder
> preselected that this image lives in. Now if I open an image from
> folder A and save it to folder B, why should the file selection
> dialogs of all other images (whether they are already opened or
> not) switch to folder B now?

Because in the minds of many people approaching this, the directory is 
*not* associated with the _image_, it's associated with the _program_, 
or to be more specific, to the _job_ or _batch_ that they're working on 
now. Yes, it breaks the document-centric model a little, but in some 
situations is it genuinely very useful and time-saving.

The default should be image-centric rather than program-centric (and the 
help for it should explain why), but it should be simply configurable 
(click on one widget, not crawl off and run a config program or edit a 
text file) to be program-oriented, or to be more pedantic, job-centric.

Another way of handling this, which would be more useful but a lot of 
work, is to introduce the concept of a job or batch - or at least make 
separate instances of The GIMP behave that way - and invisibly default 
newly opened images to a common "batch" which stays covert unless the 
user explicitly creates a new "batch".

This would allow the image-centric motif to be retained, but also cater 
for the workflow-oriented viewpoint that many users will (rightfully) 
carry with them to The GIMP.

> There is actually no good reason for such a behaviour

You now have one to hand, O thou victim of premature optimisation, and 
I'm sure I could find more if necessary. (-:

Cheers; Leon

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