Ahhh... Thanks to all who've responded... I guess I'm getting lost at what packages to download from CVS and in what directories to place them... At present, I've already used Msys to compile GIMP 2.3.3 from a tarball. Since I've never tried compiling from CVS, I wasn't sure IF I would need other software... (Right now I have ActivePerl, Msys, and MinGW per the wiki). More importantly though, I wasn't sure what source to download and to what folders. Can you guys point me in the right direction?

you can safely follow the instructions at
http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/HowToCompileGimp/MicrosoftWindows you just need to
modify the supplied CompileGimp.sh updating the lines listing GTK_PACKAGES
and MINGW_PACKAGES as there are more recent versions avaliable, mine are:
# Names of packages and versions.
GTK_PACKAGES=”glib-2.6.5 glib-dev-2.6.5 gtk+-2.6.8 gtk+-dev-2.6.8
pango-1.8.0 pango-dev-1.8.0 atk-1.9.0 atk-dev-1.9.0″

MINGW_PACKAGES=”libpng-1.2.8-bin libpng-1.2.8-dep libpng-1.2.8-lib
jpeg-6b-4-bin jpeg-6b-4-dep jpeg-6b-4-lib tiff-3.7.3-bin tiff-3.7.3-lib
freetype-2.1.10-bin freetype-2.1.10-lib zlib-1.2.3-bin zlib-1.2.3-lib
libgw32c-0.4-lib libiconv-1.8-1-bin libiconv-1.8-1-lib”

don’t forget to update also GIMP_PACKAGE and GIMP_BASE

also change the final compile command to suit your environment (the prefix):

echo “Building and installing The GimpShop”
./configure –disable-print –disable-python
–prefix=/YOURFOLDERHERE && make && make install

Be warned, compilation takes some time …
I’ll make GIMP 2.3.3 available on eMule sooner or later.
Hope this helps

If the automatic download with wget doesn't work just download the packages
by hand and place them in the temp directory mentioned in the script, then
comment the wget line and rerun it, it will decompress and install them just
Hope this helps


Lance Dockins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto

Actually... I was trying to figure out what the best way to do that would be... mostly because I run GIMP in a Win32 environment, so compiling GIMP isn't quite as straightforward as it is in Linux. If I could figure out how to compile from CVS on Win32, I definitely would. Of course, I'm just going on the info I found at wiki.gimp.org that said that compiling from CVS required additional software. Then again, maybe I'm just overcomplicating this. Is it as simple as downloading the source from CVS and compiling it? And for that matter, if that's the case, is there an easy way to download the source from CVS? Thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer.

Sven Neumann wrote:

Lance Dockins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I've been testing GIMP 2.3.3 and I noticed that some of the changes of
late have indicated we're nearing a 2.3.4 release.  Does anyone know
what timeframe we're looking at for the 2.3.4 release?
Whenever I get around to do it, which will hopefully be this weekend.
But, seriously, why don't you just use CVS?


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