Tor Lillqvist wrote:
It would be possible, but wouldn't such a zipfile just create open up
the possibility for even more confusion when there would then be yet
another distribution of these libs?
You're right. Alternative packages always open up the possibility for more confusion when there are already so many Win32 binaries. Honestly though, I'd be willing to accept such a potential for confusion to find a packaged set of reliable Win32 binaries that would work with each other in a MinGW/Msys environment and provide a means of compiling GIMP from CVS/Tarball on Win32 without having to spend hours researching, compiling, and downloading to get the environment setup correctly. For that matter, when I'm looking for reliable Win32 binaries, your packages are amongst the top 3 I would trust. Of course, finding such a zip anywhere would nearly be a godsend regardless of who compiled and packaged the binaries just because of the fact that it's so hard to find all the binaries you need in a Win32 environment in the first place. I should also clarify that I have considered switching to Linux to make this easier, but I just don't have the time, money, and hardware to do so without destroying the Win32 environment I'm required to use in the professional world. My guess is that's the case for many Windows users who would like to be able to compile from tarball/CVS without such hassles as we've described here. Grant that I don't speak for everyone using Win32, but I'd imagine you'd see a positive reception from such an endeavor from more than one Win32 user.
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