On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 08:45 -0400, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> [Keeping quote below for reference]
> The is another class of X11 errors that GIMP should survive:
> when you have a view on another display, these days you can open an
> entirely new display, on a different computer.  Works great as such, I
> use it regularly.
> However, if you shut down that display (or the computer that it is
> running on, or the network or the ssh forwarder) while the view is in
> use, then GIMP crashes.
> In both cases, the disappearing display and the disappearing device,
> what GIMP would need is a resource stack that is supposed to be
> unrolled on certain X11 errors.  At the top of that cleanup stack
> should be a GIMP that is still running but has forgotten about the
> device or display that caused the error.

No, that is not how this should be addressed. GIMP doesn't even know
that it's running on X11. This needs to be handled in GTK+. As far as I
know, support for hotplug of input devices is still lacking from GTK+.
Support for a disappearing display is available though. So if GIMP is
crashing there, then you should file a bug report and attach a stack
trace of that crash. We might have to connect to GdkDisplay:close and
deal with this on the GIMP side.


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