Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 08:45 -0400, Martin Cracauer wrote:
>> [Keeping quote below for reference]
>> The is another class of X11 errors that GIMP should survive:
>> when you have a view on another display, these days you can open an
>> entirely new display, on a different computer.  Works great as such, I
>> use it regularly.
>> However, if you shut down that display (or the computer that it is
>> running on, or the network or the ssh forwarder) while the view is in
>> use, then GIMP crashes.
>> In both cases, the disappearing display and the disappearing device,
>> what GIMP would need is a resource stack that is supposed to be
>> unrolled on certain X11 errors.  At the top of that cleanup stack
>> should be a GIMP that is still running but has forgotten about the
>> device or display that caused the error.
> No, that is not how this should be addressed. GIMP doesn't even know
> that it's running on X11. This needs to be handled in GTK+. As far as I
> know, support for hotplug of input devices is still lacking from GTK+.
> Support for a disappearing display is available though. So if GIMP is
> crashing there, then you should file a bug report and attach a stack
> trace of that crash. We might have to connect to GdkDisplay:close and
> deal with this on the GIMP side.
> Sven

Whatever the detail, doesn't this indicate insufficient error trapping? 
Both in gimp and the underlying GTK+ .

If gimp is using a pointer to a resource that has been deleted the 
exception should be trapped and handled cleanly. It should not crash 
gimp. If neither is trapping the condition both are at fault.


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