2009/7/22 David Gowers wrote:

> tools. When I think about it, I wonder whether such users ever get to using
> GIMP with any level of frequency or intensity, as IMO with the global-brush
> option off

Don't wonder -- they do. And I do too :)

(Speaking of which, the fact that tools presets don't save/restore
scale value isn't helpful either.)

>>Clear separation of default settings for different tools is such an obvious
> I agree with that. Unfortunately, having sensible, different defaults for
> different tools is in direct conflict with having an efficient,
> un-surprising workflow

Contrary to that I would yell every time I switched from Paintbrush to
Eraser if I didn't have global brush disabled. It's way too convenient
to use e.g. smaller eraser *automatically* than changing scale back
and forth. As you say, workflow is what matters :) But it looks like
this discussion is going nowhere, so EOT for me :)

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