On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 19:39 +0200, gg wrote:

> Whatever the detail, doesn't this indicate insufficient error trapping? 
> Both in gimp and the underlying GTK+ .

Sure, we could use gdk_error_trap_push() and pop() around every GTK+
call, but that would blow up our code unreasonably. GDK itself does such
error trapping in a few spots. Feel free to look at the described
crashes and check if the GTK+/GDK code can be improved to handle them.

> If gimp is using a pointer to a resource that has been deleted the 
> exception should be trapped and handled cleanly. It should not crash 
> gimp. If neither is trapping the condition both are at fault.

It is considered not feasible to implement such 'exception handling' in
C. Even with a language that supports it, you can't reasonably handle
all unexpected exceptions in a large project.


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