On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 10:29:38AM +0000, Austin Donnelly wrote:
> On Monday, 1 Nov 1999, Michael Natterer wrote:
> > <shift>+mouse2  --> copy & paste the selection mask or
> >                     copy & paste the selection itself (if it's floated)
> > <ctrl>+mouse2   --> cut & paste the selection ifself
> >                     (works only if it's floated)
> But, people like dragging with mouse1 - its more of a psychological
> think.  Also, not everyone has a 3 button mouse, so putting too much
> on mouse2 is probably bad.

Also, mouse2 is used for panning on the canvas. Can we add similar delay as
in the brushes and patterns dialog into the toolbox popups too? It could
even be something like one or two seconds, is it then possible to know if
the user wants to drag instead of clicking? Is this at all a good idea?

> Note also alt+mouse1 drag on a selection moved the mask itself, so
> this feature already exists.  Although many window managers grab alt
> for themselves, this tendency should slowly fade away as windows
> keyboards slowly become standard.

Though you can 'escape' the grab by pressing alt-shift :) though that will
not work if you bind something to alt-shift :P 

> I think we have larger problems than UI ones right now, and I suggest
> people start fixing them.  Eg:
>     - shrink wrap redraws the entire image 3 times (yes, 3!)
>     - redundant redraws in a number of other places
> These _really_ bite when working with (say) 3000x3000 images.

Also, we have had major leakage, though the worst seem to be fixed now. All
kinds of weird things start to emerge with that large images, especially with
many layers.. And yes, the redraws _do_ bite with large images.

Btw, can anyone explain what size should the tile-cache be? I have 256MB of
ram, and sometimes I need to work with 3000x3000 images, and I love to use
_lots_ of layers.. This can lead to horrible swapping that can kill X if it
goes too far. Is the tile-cache a sandbox for gimp so everything larger than
that will get swapped to the swapfile? Or how does it work? How to figure
out an optimal setting?



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