On 10 Nov, Kevin Cozens wrote:

> Reading the discussions re: the help system has made me think I
> understand why compiling GIMP always broke at a point where it needed
> a GtkXmhtml header file. I use a RedHat system without Gnome installed
> and I'm beginning to understand that GtkXmhtml is a Gnome thing. I
> recently upgraded to the latest glib and gtk+ as I thought what I was
> missing was something that was added to a version of gtk+ more recent
> than I had. The name of GtkXmhtml now seems to be misleading as it
> appears not to be part of the base gtk+ libraries.

 By the way: you all are aware that GtkXmhtml is something that is due
 to be remvod from gnome-libs, right?

 I would like to offer stripping it down to our needs. Then we could
 bundle it together with an helpmodule for GIMP and the documentation.

 So we don't pollute our mainstream GIMP archive; help is only available
 to people who installed the right package.... 




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