Tigert wrote:
> Btw, can anyone explain what size should the tile-cache be? I have 256MB of
> ram, and sometimes I need to work with 3000x3000 images, and I love to use
> _lots_ of layers.. This can lead to horrible swapping that can kill X if it
> goes too far. Is the tile-cache a sandbox for gimp so everything larger than
> that will get swapped to the swapfile? Or how does it work? How to figure
> out an optimal setting?

Ooh, it hurts that now even our major poweruser nows how to set the 
tile_cache_size correctly. This makes clear that we have to do something
about this. Every time I see people using The GIMP, they haven't changed
their tile_cache_size and work with the default setting of 10MB which makes
it awfully slow!! 

What about the idea I proposed to let the user set the tile_cache_size
in the user_installation process? We could pop up a dialog explaining
the meaning of the tile_cache and proposing some suitable defaults based
on the amount of memory the user has.

And, Tigert, in your case I'd propose to set it to something like 200MB
assuming you don't do too much other stuff when working on large images.

Salut, Sven

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