On 01/11/2010 18:49, Ulf-D. Ehlert wrote:
>> Reads pretty well to me :)
> Since there are no other comments (and no objections) I will push my
> changes in the next days.

I've had a late thought....

I think Basic Concepts should be an overview, just to get people started, and 
should link out to the fuller descriptions. Currently we have fuller 
descriptions for Layers (albeit currently called 'Combining Images'), for 
Selections (called 'Painting with GIMP'), for Undo (actually called 'Undoing' 
) and for Scripting (with Plug-ins thrown in there).

There doesn't seem to be a section with a fuller description for Channels - and 
my suggestion would be that there *ought* to be  - and that would be the best 
place to put the current Glossary content.

I'm not sure whether that could be done now, or whether it should be split out 

Sorry I'm not faster at making contributions - just a matter of finding time.

>> Of course everything below then has to be renumbered
> Numbering is done automatically by the DocBook stylesheets.

Oh good :)

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