>Try this:  Go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Fonts, and see if
>the system wide fonts directory is listed.  If so, remove it,
>restart the GIMP and see if you have /any/ fonts available.  If not,
>you can put copies of the fonts you want to use in the GIMP in its
>own font directory, and that should do the deed.
>It should be possible to reorder the font listing in the GIMP by
>renaming the font files, i.e. add 01, 02, etc. to groups you want to
>see listed first, second, etc.

Thanks so much! This looks like awesome advice. On my Mac, preferences is
actually under the GIMP menu, but then yes: Folders > Fonts.

The two "culprit" folders with the fonts I do not want to see are not listed
(namely /System/Library/Fonts/ and /Library/Fonts/), but two GIMP folders are. I
will experiment with putting fonts into the GIMP folders and see if that will
override the default looking into /System/Library/Fonts/ which is the source of
unwanted (the folder I cannot change anything in). Also, I cannot rename
anything in /System/Library/Fonts but can certainly do so in /Library/Fonts/ and
in the two GIMP folders. So I will give that a whirl as well.

Thanks again!

Snowyn (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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