>The reason you cannot remove the "system fonts" is that they are part
>of "core services." under current OS X versions these can only be
>altered by the administrative user account with authentication from
>Apple via an Apple ID, but it (supposedly) can be done.
>Another approach is to not install the foreign font families at the
>time of OS installation, if you want to do a clean install.

Thank you!

Hmmmm. I do have an Apple ID and an admin user account (though perhaps not THE
admin user account, if there is such a thing as only one). Also, a couple of
other folks' replies on this thread have suggested better ways I can deal with
the GIMP font-list issue in itself. GIMP is pretty much the only program where
scrolling past a zillion system fonts is a serious problem. Adobe Open Office
also has some of them, but only as families. Three PingFang fonts in a list is
not all that big a deal. Eighteen of them is.

Snowyn (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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