On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 14:42 -0700, David Southwell wrote:

> Am I not correct in saying that gimpshop a tool using gimp? 

No, you are not correct in saying that. It's a forked version and the
person who did that fork refuses to work with the GIMP developers. We
don't get any support from gimpshop, thus we don't support it.

A wider adoption of gimpshop doesn't help the GIMP project. It just
causes us more work because the gimpshop developer(s) let us provide the
user support. They let us do the bug-fixing and they let us do the
development. The way gimpshop is done makes it impossible to return
anything to the GIMP project.

And please mote that I did not send you away. I just asked you politely
to ask your gimpshop questions elsewhere. Please accept that and stop
this argument here.


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