On 7/13/07, John R. Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Thursday 12 July 2007 19:13, Chris Mohler wrote:
> >
> > Yahoo Group messages are nastily formatted HTML.  I hear the Google
> > Groups has added mailing lists  -- I wonder if that's any better?
> >
> On [EMAIL PROTECTED] we ask for plain text. I can't
> remember if we set a parameter to insist on that.  I know that the
> messages I clear are all in plain text. So your statement doesn't
> apply in our case at least. I see HTML on a few other lists but those
> senders get yelled at.
> HTML has no place in email IMO. If the mail is not from one of my
> mailing lists or from a designated client I have a filter that sends
> HTML bearing mail to a special folder. 98% of such mail is SPAM. I
> delete based on subject line.

Good news.  I'm on only one of those Yahoo lists, and I assumed text
wasn't an option - who wouldn't turn off that nasty HTML!?  For those
who haven't got one: they're particularly ugly!

Going to bitch at that particular list admin right now... ;)

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