Paul Makepeace wrote:
> The world would be a much better place if everyone habitually quoted
> their phone number +access_code area_code local_number. You don't
> realise how important this is 'til you have to repeatedly find people
> in various desolate stations dotted all over the world with scant,
> unlabelled, and usually too few, digits culled from a unkempt LDAP
> directory...
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Still not enough. It'll work for the Americans (yet again...)[1] but if you
have a phone number whose country codes identifies it as being in country X,
and you are in country X on a business trip and want to call that person,
leaving off the country code is, in general, not enough. In Germany and
England, you have to add a 0 (e.g. +49-40-76470386 turns into (040)
76470386), but in other places, that might be a 9 -- or something else. If
you're not familiar with the country, you may not know what to add.


[1] Though, strictly speaking, I think America requires you to add "1" at
the beginning; though it's not part of the area/STD code as the 0 is in
England and Germany, I think most places require it to show you're dialling
a long-distance call.
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