Chris Devers wrote:
> In any event, the leading 1 is never part of the phone 
> number, but you always have to dial it whenever making a 
> "long distance" call.

Well, I would have thought that's just splitting hairs -- is the '0' part of
the number 0207 xxx xxxx is the number 207 xxx xxxx "but you have to dial a
0 before that"? Comes out to the same thing. Except for...

> This used to mean anything beyond a 
> certain distance from your local calling area &/or anything 
> outside of your area code,

Where you can have 713 555 1212 without a leading 1, and 1 555 3434 with a
leading 1 but without an area code (in big area codes such as maybe 801 =
Utah). Hm, so I guess the 1 is not part of the area code.

> but with 10 digit numbers you'll 
> probably just have to put it in front of about every number 
> dialled, thus giving everyone in the country an 11 digit 
> phone number. 

But maybe this'll change in the future -- with 1 being always/never present.

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