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>With 10 digit dialling, it's 10 digit dialling, no extra '1' required.
>E.g. if I was in Houston (which has three area codes and is 10-digit) I
>would dial 713 555 1212 regardless of whether I was already in 713.

Ahh. This explains why a cell phone works whether or not the leading 1 is included 
with the rest of the number. 

>In fact, if the whole country went 10 digit, the need to use the '1'
>would even disappear.

I thought it had a purpose as a sort of control character for the phone companies, 
with any number beginning with a 0 or 1 having special meaning. I guess that special 
meaning evaporates under 10 digit schemes...

>PS That single-\n paragraph formatting is evil, IMO. 

Yeah I know, I don't like it either. Blame Eudora...

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