On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 01:44:49PM +0200, Philip Newton wrote:
> Still not enough. It'll work for the Americans (yet again...)[1] but if you
> have a phone number whose country codes identifies it as being in country X,
> and you are in country X on a business trip and want to call that person,
> leaving off the country code is, in general, not enough. In Germany and
> England, you have to add a 0 (e.g. +49-40-76470386 turns into (040)
> 76470386), but in other places, that might be a 9 -- or something else. If
> you're not familiar with the country, you may not know what to add.

I'm assuming the user is intelligent enough to read a phone book or ask
at the reception desk and learn how to make a national phone call...

There is, IMO, no need to document the inner machinations of the
local phone system in fully qualified phone numbers of the +X Y
Z format.  Besides, it looks ugly on business cards having +44 /
(0) 117 924 ...  :-)


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