Fedoras are for sale all over the place, big stores like Target (which of 
course you don't have since it mysteriously failed in CA) will have a big ole 
stack of 'em...
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Well, I know or knew, as I have not seen them in a while, a couple of 
young fellows who played in a band and they wore hats that they must 
have obtained from the Goodwill store or such as I have no idea where 
one would buy a hat like that. It was a jazz band and the one fellow 
played a trombone and the other a saxaphone. The sax player is my 
neighbour's younger son and the trombone is his cousin who used to live 
accross the lane from us too.


On 12/06/2015 12:14 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
> Apparently you don't know any hipsters. The Fedora has made a return, its the 
> in thing...
> -Curt

> Subject: [MBZ] hey WILTON
> I was thinking of you and your stories of your youth.
> What sort of hats did you all wear back then?
> Hats are an odd thing. Useful for folks who work outdoors like farmers
> and decorative to some extent for the ladies etc but apart from baseball
> hats, seem to have all but faded from the scene.
> I have a couple of Tilley hats that I wear from time to time but my boys
> did not want to be seen with me when I wore them.
> RB
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