Things like multi-copters really need electric motors to be able to fly, they have to be continuously adjusted and gas engines don't work that way. So electrics make sense for the lift rotors but then the ducted fan could be used for level flight. Not sure how the Ospreys handle the rotors, probably a lot of gearbox machinations going to keep everything in harmony, or maybe with just 2 rotors it is easier?

I guess some people had tried weedwhacker motors for quadcopters and they just did not work out, though they have good power/weight and gas engines can run longer than battery power.

An interesting concept, with lightweight composites it would probably be reasonable to build something like that to work, but I doubt if the car approvers would approve, and the aircraft approvers would approve.


On 8/9/15 10:01 AM, Fred Moir via Mercedes wrote:
Computer control is probably critical to flight stability, read Osprey, and it 
would be beyond the average drivers/fliers ability to control, sans said 
computer control.I'm still waiting for the Jetson's flying car, though this 
seems to be a great idea and hopefully successful.Licences will be interesting, 
private pilots ticket at a minimum, so some joker doesn't try to land on my 
flat roof!

Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.

Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 23:05:50 -0700
Subject: Re: [MBZ] Finally, something I would like to have in an electric car

I have no answers at the moment.. Come Monday.. expect I may contact the
web site and see if it's just a concept or actually certified for flight
and for sale..

If I grasp the design details correctly.. it has an on board fuel engine
that runs generator which drives electric motors.. actually, not a bad
concept over helicopter design for example, which uses shafts, gearboxes,
and complex couplings... in concept at least.. in actual application...
lots of unanswered questions..

To fly it needs FAA certification.. That is no small feat..

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