Terrafugia has been testing the "Transistion" flying car for a few years
now. They are still trying to get a waiver from the FAA for exceeding the
weight limit for the Light Sport category of aircraft, so it's not
certified yet. The impact resistance requirements for cars makes it heavier
than it would otherwise be.

The TF-X is still a dream for them. The design will likely need a LOT of
additional work. The fuselage will have to develop a LOT of lift to fly on
those little wings with four people on board, full fuel, etc. As Wilton
often points out, the laws of physics ALWAYS win. I still like the
Diesel/Generator/Electric motor hybrid design, if it can be light enough
for an aircraft.

The promoters of the flying car for the masses always seem to conveniently
ignore weather and wind - they are not to be taken lightly once you leave
the ground. Computer control will help, but there are still limits to what
the craft can do.

Terrafugia is ready to take your investment . . . .

"The anticipated base purchase price for the Transition® is $279,000.  You
can reserve a place in production with a $10,000 refundable deposit here


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> An interesting concept, with lightweight composites it would probably be
> reasonable to build something like that to work, but I doubt if the car
> approvers would approve, and the aircraft approvers would approve.
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OK Don

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