Hi Marcus,

Am 18.10.2016 um 19:21 schrieb Marcus Schäfer:
>> Marcus, if I dd a "short" OEM image with GPT onto a disk that
>> already has a GPT, we now have 3 GPT tables:
>>   * beginning of the disk
>>   * middle of the disk (from the kiwi image)
>>   * end of the disk (from the old system)
>> In such a situation I wouldn't be surprised if gdisk behaves
>> differently from the typical case where we just find lots of zeros
>> at the end of the disk. The errors above are really just a side
>> effect of that.
> There is code in kiwi which should fix that. The method is
> called relocateGPTAtEndOfDisk and should cleanup the mismatch
> between new gpt at start and potentially old data at the end
> gdisk ist called with
>    x e w y
> but only if gdisk ist part of the initrd. If not you should
> see a log message "Warning, gdisk tool not found"
> Could you check that ?

Unfortunately I no longer have the full log in front of me right now...

gdisk comes from package gptfdisk, right?
We have: <package name="gptfdisk"/>
Are you saying that needs a bootinclude="true"?



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