I think I know what the problem is. I'm getting the same unresolved symbols 
building on MacOS 10.4 and OSG 2.6.1 using cmake. Your link line has


rather than your SDK version of the library. I don't know much about these 
things myself as I've only been using a Mac for about 1 day now but this blog 
entry details the issue


As far as cmake goes, and I've only been looking at _that_ for about 2 days, it 
seems the problem is in the top-level CMakeLists.txt file where it has the line


wrapped in an IF(UNIX) clause.

I think this particular line should also be wrappend in an IF(NOT APPLE) 
clause. Doing this fixes up the link lines for me and the problem goes away. As 
I say I'm certainly no Mac expert so maybe this isn't quite right. I'm 
certainly not confident enough to post it to osg-submissions :)

I haven't looked at the Xcode project at all but I imagine something similar 
must be going on there?

Paul Fotheringham

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