At 12:16 AM 7/10/2001 +0200, Thies C. Arntzen wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 11:41:36PM +0300, Andi Gutmans wrote:
> > Anyway, I think right now the easiest thing for us to do is to move to 
> re2c
> > without your sources (it should be relatively trivial as it's just a
>     this is pretty much what opensource tries to avoid - please
>     reconsider this and ask yourself why you would have to do it
>     and why it would be a very bad sign to the opensource
>     community to actually do it (you reimplementing what sascha
>     has ready).
>     doing this would be a very strong sign saying: "we only
>     accept enchancements to Zend if they are under the Zend QPL"
>     that would make me bitter to say the least.
>     i hate to repeat myself but: licenses do matter.

Please answer in context next time (the whole Email). I mentioned this as a 
temporary solution whilst we should work on improving communication and 
possibly the structure we work in. (I just woke up so I can't quite 
remember. You can see my previous Email).


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