On 06:19 PM 5/03/2001 -0800, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:

>Summary: zero-length arcs (i.e. arc distance of zero) seem to be 
>impossible to create, and this is what I would expect. Zero-radius arcs 
>show some display problems. Zero-length track disappears without being 
>deleted, and this is a bug.
>At 10:38 AM 3/6/01 +1100, Ian Wilson wrote:
>>It is a bug - 0 to 0 should either display as an invisible arc or be 
>>identical in behavior to 0 to 360 (I prefer the latter).  It should not 
>>display as  per 0 to 360 but behave differently.
>Both a zero length track and a zero length arc should display as they 
>would in gerber, that is, as a circle of the draw diameter. If zero length 
>arcs did not so display it would be a bug. Here's why.

Discussion was SCH not PCB - subject heading reflects this. So discussion 
of PCB and gerbering is off the mark and confusing.

In Sch an arc displayed as a full circle should behave as a full circle, it 
doesn't always - this is a bug.

We now know one reason for difficulty in picking up some circles thanks to 
Eric.  A small mouse movement between clicks can make a huge difference in 
the ability to edit/move/delete the circle. Either fix it to allow for zero 
length arcs (fix the display) (yuk) or take special action when the start 
and end angles are the same and add 360 to the end angle and we have 
correctly functioning circles - in schematic remember. Not PCB.


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