On 03:57 PM 5/03/2001 -0700, Eric Albach said:
>After much fiddling with schematic arcs I found part of the problem and
>The problem is only with Circles, not partial circles (arcs).  When creating a
>circle using the mouse the default Start Angle and End Angle are both set to 0
>(certain situations).  In this case the circle is very difficult to move 
>or edit
>preferences without clicking on the 0 degree angle point exactly.  I found 
>by manually changing the End Angle to 360, the circle is then easy to 
>"grab" at
>any point.  The program probably thinks of it as a zero degree arc yet 
>shows it
>as a full circle.
>     The 0 degree End  Angle happens only if you adjust it visually with the
>mouse.  If you hold the mouse perfectly still at the 0 degree point between
>clicks then the End Angle gets a value of 360 instead of 0.
>     I have always made only circles and only by adjusting the start and end
>angles each time I ended up with the same "bug".

This is a bug - well found.  Maybe this explains why I have learnt without 
doing it consciously to place only an incomplete arc and to then edit it to 
a circle (0 to 360) - that is what I do mostly. A hack but it works and you 
have now shown me why.

It is a bug - 0 to 0 should either display as an invisible arc or be 
identical in behavior to 0 to 360 (I prefer the latter).  It should not 
display as  per 0 to 360 but behave differently.

I have added this to the bug list (a database in the Protel Users 
egroups/yahoo group).


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