At 10:59 AM 3/5/01 -0700, Eric Albach wrote:
>     I am having a difficult time using arcs in 99SE schematics.  Once 
> created they
>are nearly impossible to move or change properties.

I do not find that to be the case.

>   I can only move them by
>placing text nearby, selecting both and then moving the text.

That's the kind of workaround that I'd encourage users to think of when 
they are in a tight spot and can't get things to work any other way, but it 
should not be necessary.

>   If I want to change
>an arc it is easiest to delete and re-create.

There are two ways to delete an object. One is to select it and the clear 
the selection. But if Mr. Albach is deleting the arc using Edit/Delete and 
then clicking on the arc, the same click should normally be able to pick it 
up for movement.

>   Sometimes I can change properties
>by setting a small snap grid and then double clicking around the arc 10 to 20

This is a clue. First of all, I suspect that the arc is large. To pick up 
an arc, it is necessary to click on the outline, and Protel allows a 
certain margin of error. Some positions around the arc might be difficult 
to pick up. Using a smaller grid would allow one to click closer. It might 
also help if the arc is set to a wide line, but I don't know that this is 
really a factor.

>     Is there an easier way around this?  Hopefully SP6 has fixed the problem?

Running SP6, I had very little difficulty picking up even large arcs, but I 
don't know that this is an SP6 fix.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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