That's user community not sewer community! sorry, couldn't resist.

Do you have any problems with Data Base Files crashing? I was thinking
maybe the reason I had a data base corrupt was because I was using the
Windows File System. I want to use which ever is more stable.

Jeff Adolphs
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Westerville, Ohio, USA

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On 09:08 AM 7/19/2001 -0700, Brad Velander wrote:

>         The only people who seem to not be using the Access database
>are a few who have rigid company policies and controls on individual file
>revisions, or those who simply don't want to for some reason (usually they
>just never took the time to review and change their practices).


There are also those of us who feel it to be redundant, wasteful, and to
create an unnecessary impediment to our own file management techniques when
an application creates a defacto O/S within an O/S, as appears to be the
case with this program. There's also the danger that blind reliance on
Protel EDA for file management may ultimately result in lost data. IP
security is another question which might be worth investigating.

Personally, I prefer to manage my own files, as opposed to relinquishing
that control to a program and some faceless (and often brain-dead and/or
power-hungry) IT manager. I mention the IT "guy, of course, because it's my
belief that economic coercion from IT pros is the reason Protel moved to the
format with the advent of the P99 model, as its lacking wasn't something
that users discussed much on either this forum nor on Usenet prior to its
sudden addition to the suite.

Granted, I'm likely not of the majority in my opposition to the paradigm or
in my paranoia regarding oak-lined, bon-bon eating, slacker-set types which
often control company management in present-day work environments.

Of course, I mean no offense to those of you who actually do the work in
your companies, (engr, tech, layout artist, etc.) And who really believe
that ddb are truly better...Perhaps, (given enough time without the periodic
complaints about lost work from the suer community) I'll be convinced at
some point in the future that it's valid. For now, I simply accept that it's
the way the program works.

as always,


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