Thanks for the response, and I thought I was being helpful
to the guy who originally posted on this thread if he chose to use another
footprint from that in a library symbol, but I guess that is not the case as
I am the only
one seeing this as a problem from what I read. It sounded to me like he
wanted it
driven from the library, an dfrom what I have seen that doesn't quite happen
That being said it looks like #3 is a winner it must be those pesky aliens.
I always had a funny
feeling something was going on every time I stepped away from the computer.

No I did not take it that way, and yes I would like to get to the bottom of
it too.
It seems I may be using some different terminology or just not really being
to describe the issue well enough over email. I would have expected th
esystem to work
just a bit differently and what I said about it taking footprints off th
eboard I can repeat.
I had no real issues with the installation and everything seems to be
running correctly otherwise.
I am running on WIN98, Protel 99SE, SP6
Thanks very much for your concern.
I did try a few users I know close by in CT but none deal
with a schematic, they take in net list only. But I am willing to call
anyone withing the US,
it won't take that long to verify I would think if anyone is willing.

Thanks again Ian.

Robert M. Wolfe, C.I.D.
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Subject: [PEDA] Bob Wolfe's Update Issue (Ex: Component partition)

> On 11:40 AM 4/02/2002 -0500, Bob Wolfe said:
> >Dwight,
> >Mr. Lomax pointed out and unless there is something wrong
> >with my intsallation, it does respect a footprint in each symbol however
> >ONLY the first and not any alternates that may be listed.
> >If you have a symbol with more than one footprint listed
> >try update footprints and see what ends up on your board.
> >Every time I have tried this it replaces what was there and puts the
> >first one back on the board.
> >Thanks
> >Bob
> >Robert M. Wolfe, C.I.D.
> Bob,
> This is a repeated assertion from you.  I have never seen it or heard it
> before, and yet I do believe that what you are seeing is true.  So:
> 1) You are doing something different from many of us
> 2) Something is different in your installation from many of ours.
> 3) Some other explanation like aliens are fiddling with your computer (see
> point 2.)
> It is difficult to see how any of these is likely so this one is
> strange.  One possible option, I think, that could be used to resolve the
> difference and determine if there is a bug (as what you describe is
> certainly a bug) would be to run through the process with another
> user over the phone and if possible with the same sch project and PCB.  I
> am happy to do this but international long distance phone costs would
> (I'm in Oz) - maybe there is another user nearby that could do this?  My
> main interest is that what you are describing is a bug that many of us
> cannot replicate and therefore it deserves some more investigation - Any
> offers?
> I hope you do not see this suggestion as derogatory - it is not meant that
> way at all.  Simply trying to get to the bottom of a issue you have been
> repeatedly reporting that we have been tossing around unsatisfactorily for
> a while now.
> Bye for now,
> Ian Wilson

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