At 02:11 PM 2/4/2002 -0500, Bob Wolfe wrote:

>I am talking about the footprint field or fields in a symbol, ie the list
>can edit to define a footprint or footprints you would like to appear on a
>for that symbol. In symbol under description there are 4 fields "Footprint
>Like you said if there is an entry in "Footprint 1" field in a symbol, then
>that is the footprint that will populate the board upon first time of

No, that is not what I said. *Sometimes* (I could explain the circumstances 
but it is not necessary at this point) it can seem that the first entry in 
the option list is being transfered to the footprint field. I don't think 
that is true. What happens is that the last footprint used continues to be 
used. This may be a different footprint than any of those on the option list.

>  Or like you said you could put
>any footprint you want on the board for that symbol also once in the board.
>However from that point after if you changed the board to use the footprint
>for a symbol that was defined in field "Footprint 2" then ran
>synchronization selecting update footprints which is default it will replace
>the footprint on the board back to th eone in "Footprint 1" field.

Yes, you could put any footprint you want *on the board*, BUT if you don't 
change the footprint field on the schematic, yes, it will be changed back 
to what is in that field. HOWEVER, it has *nothing* to do with what is in 
Footprint 1, except for possible history.

What I'm saying is, of course, the behavior that I observe with SP6. It is 
always possible that Mr. Wolfe's program is behaving differently. But the 
way he describes the problem, it sounds more to me like there is a semantic 
issue here, not a bug.

>  I have
>not tried this but,  I would guess that if you ran backannotation after
>changing the footprint in the board that it would
>update the symbol in schematic only to reflect this new footprint in the
>"Footprint 1" field.

No. Aside from directly editing the ASCII database, the only way to change 
the contents of the Footprint option fields is to edit the library part and 
update. And this does not change the footprint field, only the pull-down 
option list. I've verified all this. What back-annotation will do, as I 
recall, is to stuff the used footprint back into the footprint field, NOT 
the "Footprint 1" field, which is an option field, not user-accessible in 

>  But again
>I am just pointing out to someone that if they think putting footprints in
>any of those fields will keep
>any, other than Footprint 1 on a board after update footprints, it has been
>my experience that it will not.

It would be better to resolve this issue before advising others regarding 
it. Mr. Wolfe iappears to be reporting behavior that has not been confirmed 
by anyone (as far as SP6 is concerned).

>Would I be correct in saying that if I ran back annotate after changing a
>footprint it would have resolved this issue from a schematic standpoint
>only, but not from a library standpoint.

No, you would not be correct. See above, but even more importantly, make a 
single-part test schematic and try it out, it should only take a few minutes.

The Footprint option fields are only a convenience placed there to make it 
easy to choose some footprints. They do *not* control footprint used.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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