At 11:40 AM 2/4/2002 -0500, Bob Wolfe wrote:
>Mr. Lomax pointed out and unless there is something wrong
>with my intsallation, it does respect a footprint in each symbol however
>ONLY the first and not any alternates that may be listed.

I just spent a fair amount of time attempting to verify Mr. Wolfe's report, 
without success. Even if the footprint field is empty, the first item in 
the list is not used, nor is any item in the list. If the part exists on 
the PCB, it remains as-is, though a warning is generated in the Warning tab 
of the synchronizer. If there is no part on the PCB, the synchronizer tries 
and fails to place "" as a footprint.

>If you have a symbol with more than one footprint listed
>try update footprints and see what ends up on your board.
>Every time I have tried this it replaces what was there and puts the
>first one back on the board.

We discussed this a little bit back and I suspect that Mr. Wolfe still has 
a certain issue confused. "The first one" must refer to the first item in a 
list, but the list is an option list and has next to nothing to do with 
what is used by the synchronizer. What is used by the synchronizer is the 
content of the footprint field, not what you see when you pull down the 
list. It can be completely different from what is on that list. Or it can 
be one of them.

Perhaps there is a bug which bites under conditions which have not been 

Otherwise I suspect that Mr. Wolfe is referring to a situation where a 
different footprint has been used on the PCB than what is specified in the 
footprint field on the corresponding symbol in Schematic. Yes, if update 
footprints is checked, such a footprint will be replaced.

The first item in the list of footprints is stuffed into the footprint 
field under some conditions when a part is first placed. Otherwise the list 
of footprints is should be irrelevant. If it is not irrelevant, a bug has 
been found. If Mr. Wolfe will tell us exactly the footprint names in 
question, assuming that he *is* talking about update from an item in the 
list rather than from the footprint field, then we could attempt to 
duplicate the behavior.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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