i've seen this problem, it happens when you double click a pad and change
its location (not the component itself) it doesnt matter if the component
has locked prims, which to me is a little naughty, If i recall correctly it
didnt even warn me..... 99SP6.



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Hi all,
        why do I usually get these weird ones?

        One of our engineers just came to me with an alignment issue for a
couple pads within a footprint on a test pcb. Sure enough two pads within
the 8 pad device are visibly shifted on the board. Checked the PCB file and
the pads are shifted. Checked the library and the part is correct. Better
then all of this so far, the test board involved actually had this section
of circuitry copied from the main board after the main board was completed,
the main board does not have the problem.

        Here is the events that led to this problem. I designed the main
(full) pcb, everything is correct. I selected a subsection of the circuit
and copied it to make a small test board. When I pasted this subsection into
the test board I moved, rotated the selection to fit within the test board
outline. Then I edited some component locations and attached pertinent
traces. I did not, read never, unlock the primitives of the problem

        The result, I have a footprint where three pads are visibly shifted
from their original locations within the footprint. It is a 8 pin ceramic
package with a pinout similar to the number pattern below. The device is
centered over an origin of 0,0 in the footprint library. The first pattern I
show is as it should be, the second pattern is how it turned out, note 2 and
6 pads are shifted alternately left and right, pad three was also shifted
vertically downwards slightly towards the center of the device.

            1  2  3                         1 2

         8    0,0    4                  8     0,0     4

            7  6  5                         7    6 5

        Has anybody ever seen this problem? Any ideas on it's cause? How
would you check for it in the future, without checking every single
footprint? Remember, the original board this was copied from is fine, I
didn't unlock the primitives of the component after copying it. All I did
was paste, rotate, move the copied selection.

Brad Velander.

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