I used Update PCB also. Sometime there was nothing shown on the PCB, or only
netlist lines shown but no components.

I got the schematic files. I tried this way and it worked: Loads each
sheet's netlist individually to PCB; clears netlist each time; Then Update
PCB after all the components loaded. A lot of trouble...But it seems
working. But what cause the problem? --It seems like Protel can not handle
the big file...


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On 03:23 PM 16/04/2002 -0700, Shuping Lew said:

>I tried to load a netlist file to PCB. It has over 1,100 components. I
>receiced a warning of access violation. It says: Access Violation at
>OF086CC6 module.... Exception Occurred in PCB: Netlist...
>I had the same problem months ago. There were about 900 components in that
>netlist file. I finally used Update PCB instead of Load Netlist. It worked
>out fine. This time I do not have luck...
>Is it a Protel bug? Can Protel handle big boards over 1000 components? Does
>anybody have the same problem?  Any work around?
>Thank you for any help!


Why do you want to use the Netlist Load?  Why not simply keep using the
Update PCB?  Is this an external netlist? Do you have the Schematics?

Does anyone know if splitting a netlist file into subsections works?  In
other words does loading different netlists, with non-overlapping net
definitions, work or does Protel clear the old netlist first?  It is so
long since I have done a netlist load that I can't remember.

It does sound like you have a found a bug.  I should be able to put *any*
file at all into processes like netlist load and it should behave
gracefully.  That is it should not crash and it should warn of invalid file
or bad data.  All import processes, especially where the source data is
external to the process, should be heavily protected and very defensively
programmed.  It is not hard to do, tedious but not hard.

Ian Wilson

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