> The personal electronics industry is a freak among industries. You must
> agree with that?

Well, it's a BIG freak, then.  So big that it is regarded as the norm by
anyone not in the industry.

> Even in your example lies cable modem service that has gone up and up.
> me why? They say it's because it reflects the value of our service.' BS,
> it's because DSL went up and cable can go up to because there is no reason
> to hold it down.

Area-specific example.  It's not that way in Tallahassee, Florida (not yet
anyway).  I have been thinking of disconnecting my cable modem ($40/mo.) at
home anyway.  I probably will keep it until Comcast's first price hike.
Then it's gone.  One of my employees just got rid of their digital cable TV,
they decided it was too expensive for what they were getting.  I would
discontinue my home phone if I didn't need it for security system
monitoring - my cell phone plan makes land lines obsolete.

> How about gasoline? In California, they told us a few years ago the gas
> price was going to climb because of the expense of processing in the MTBE
> additive. Now they find out MTBE sucks, and it's going to cost more again
> take it out! Why can't they just make the old gas, and give us the old
> pre-MTBE price? Because the market will bear it and the gov't won't step
> to pull back the reigns.

Another area-specific example.  I cannot formulate my worldview based on
what happens in California.  One of my California-based customers says
California is "the land of fruits and nuts" ;-)  Of course, you guys
probably thought us Floridians were crazy in the election 2000 fiasco...

> You see no excuse, but capitalism allows it to happen. Maybe if Castro was
> running the EDA s/w industry we'll all be using expresspcb and liking it.

That was NOT nice.  I don't appreciate having my opinions being associated
with a Communist.  I am a good Capitalist, I just don't bow before the idols
of Wall Street, that's all.  Remember, money is NOT the rool of all evil,
but the LOVE of money IS the root of all evil.  And there is much *love* on
Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue these days...

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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