we do linking in a different way, using footprint and other info to extract the part's 
stock code from the database. That is then used to create BOM. You are doing it the 
other way around, to manage your design.

As for the Bob's "long winded" explanation, it has more points then the initial post. 
As a design rule, we don't update SCH from PCB, so can't comment on that. On the other 
hand, if you update PCB from SCH or reload the netlist and tick 'Update footprints', 
your footprints will be updated with the latest info from the PCB library. I did that 
couple of weeks ago, after the major changes in our PCB library and it works. Hope Bob 
does not break his keyboard now ;-)



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From: Brad Velander [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: Re: [PEDA] 10 best options I want

        what I meant by being linked is that we link our schematics to our
company MRP database. Through the linking we set the schematic symbols
value, tolerance, working voltage and footprint(land pattern). After
linking, linking will only stuff data into the partfields, we run one of
Geoff Harland's servers to stuff the footprint(land pattern) into the
schematic's footprint field from the partfield it was linked to. Therefore
we do not have to manually set the footprint/landpattern, we are not limited
to the dropdown list or manually typing the footprint field information. The
second benefit is that we don't have stupid footprint mismatches usually
accompanying manual entry/selection of footprints.

        Having never worked as a service bureau myself, my understanding of
some of Bob's issues was lagging. Thanks to his "long winded" explanation, I
can now appreciate the issue that he was raising. I am not sure if your work
is similarly effected but this would seem to be an issue largely divided
amongst service bureaus and captive shops. I am not sure that a single
operation/function would ever satisfy the desires of both camps.

        I do concur that the limitation of 4 footprints in a Protel
schematic symbol is too limiting. A figure of at least 10 would be more
reasonable and even a limitless number would not be unreasonable for the
manner in which some people desire to work. With the linking function, I am
satisfied with one footprint but only because we link the footprint
information into the schematic from an outside source.

Brad Velander.

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> Brad,
> When you say you are linked, what exactly do you mean?
> Hope you have a good one, too.
> Regards,
> Igor Gmitrovic
> R&D Engineer
> HPM Industries Pty Ltd
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