The trick to avoid auto-junctions where you don't want them is to make sure
that endpoints of wires (and pins) don't intersect with any point on another
wire.  This means you have to be careful about how you place wires.  Once
you learn this behavior, it's not a problem.

The problem with turning auto-junction off is that next time the schematic
is opened in a Protel window with auto-junction turned on, the junctions get
added, even if the schematic was created with auto-junction off.  This is
one case where it's Protel's way or the highway (for you)!

I use auto-juntion turned ON.  The reason is that if I turn it off, and
later turn it back on (or Protel turns it back on) then junctions might be
placed where they hadn't been before.  By having it turned on, I can get
instant feedback if any auto-junction nastiness happens.

You might be longing for ye olde days of OrCAD SDT III for DOS, where
junctions had to be explicitly placed by you...

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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> Hello All,
> I have a schematic of a board that I just had fabricated.  When I drew the
> schematic,  I did so with the  Auto-Junction  feature turned off.  I
> draw schematics like this because of problems that I have had in the past
> with the  Auto-Junction  feature placing junctions where I don t want
> During testing of the new board,  my boss brought me the schematics asking
> why I failed to attach one end of a pull-up resistor to the +5 volt
> I had simply forgot to place a junction at the point where the wires
> intersected.  My mistake.
> In looking at the board,  the connection was made.  I ran a netlist.  It
> showed that the connection was made.  How can this be?  I added the
> junction,  created another netlist.  The netlist showed that the
> was still made,  as expected.  I then deleted the dot,  created another
> netlist.  The connection was still there.  The only way that I could
> the connection was to delete the wires and redraw them.  After that the
> schematic started to behave as expected.  No junction,  no connection.  I
> also tried the procedure on other junctions on the same schematic page.  I
> could not reproduce the error.
> I have no idea how this error (bug) originally happened.  It has made me
> loose all faith in Protel s schematic capture side.  Has anyone else seen
> this behavior?  How can I deal with this problem without checking the
> netlist before I bring it over to the PCB?  Argh!!!!!
> Looks like it is time to start looking for a new PCB design software.
> Beware and good luck.
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