Ian Wilson wrote:

I am intrigued by this. How do the people that haven't used something know it is not more (or less) productive than what they are using.

That one is easy to answer. Go back and read the posts again. Almost every individual, including me, has indicated that they actually tried DXP before putting it away. In my case, I was actually involved in two complete designs, though in a position as an assistant and a consultant rather than the principal designer. I also played with it enough by importing existing designs and starting (and abandoning) a new design to know that the learning curve was too much and many of the features that I routinely used were either no longer there or had been made quite difficult to use.

If you do something a lot and it used to take 5 keystrokes (or mouse clicks) in 99SE but takes 20 in DXP, to me that is a HUGE problem. Even if the new feature is 100 times more powerful (as in the case of the DXP's inspector versus 99SE's global change), if it takes more effort to use the feature for the tasks that you do 99% of the time, the change is actually a huge step backwards not forward. If new features designed to support additional functionality actually make the most often used basic functionality more difficult to use, is that really a benefit or a detriment?

The basic philosophy for software user interface development is to streamline the tasks that are used most at the expense of tasks that are used less often. Altium either does not know about this basic concept, or there is no one there who actually uses the software in a realistic setting to know what is used often and what is used rarely. I strongly suspect that it is the latter.


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