John A. Ross [Design] wrote:

....shows the actual level of
respect Altium has for its users, and they know that they will get away
with it, because of the amount of loyalists within the user community
who will automatically defend them with tunnel vision.

Lots of companies have that attitude. They get away with it because customers know that in order to switch companies, they will have to undergo a major learning curve. Most people do not want to go through this learning curve, both because it is disruptive to their work and because it is a lot of hard frustrating work and us humans are by nature lazy. Even a company as self absorbed and arrogant as Microsoft knows that and has provided hooks to go back to the "classic" themes in Windows XP.

Protel, when designing DXP decided to make a huge departure from the last version, 99SE. Protel knew, or should have known, that for experienced users there would be a huge learning curve. At the very least, that would cost them sales because people would be reluctant to switch because of the learning curve. However, they would hope that people will switch because of the great features that the new software would be providing. But when the new software fails to deliver, the users of the old software have two choices, neither of which is good for Protel. They can stay with the old version for as long as they can and Protel will not see any money out of them. Or if they resign to a learning curve, they can look around at the whole market place and decide on the best software. Protel may or may not win in this search. If anything, the odds are stacked against Protel because these customers already have the inside knowledge that the new Protel product does not work very well. They are more likely to take a chance with a new company based on its sales presentation, rather than stick with Protel which they know to be not very good.

In the end, by not providing hooks to make the learning curve simpler for existing users and not delivering a product that improves on the existing product in the areas that the existing users use, Protel has shot itself in the foot. That would not have been so bad, except for the fact that their foot was in their mouth and the head stuck up their rear ends when they shot. As a result, they may have mortally wounded themselves. I intend to give them a little more time, but I certainly do not intend to hang around for the funeral.


IMO Altium are due DXP users a lot more than they are giving, whatever form that may be.

Like Protel I do, very much, prepared to help make it better I am,
prepared to help anyone else yes I am, willingly without obligation,
like many others, prepared to be disrespected for my efforts no I am
not, prepared to put a halo on Altiums head no I am not.

Without Prejudice of any kind


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