He's either not using PCAD or has no problems with it.

Besides, PCAD schematic is easy to draw. You can build
the symbols on the schematic itself. 
Wires? Oh, that's one of the coolest things. You can
just place the components pin to pin and they are
connected. Net name is automatically assigned but you
can change it anytime. The 2-pin components
(resistors, capacitors) can be placed on top of a wire
and PCAD automatically assigns two different net names
on both sides. You can add width & clearance
attributes to the nets and they'll be loaded in the
PCB, which saves much time to explain or write
guidelines to the layout person. 
Components can be grouped in the schematic and then
you can simply move the components by groups and place
them closer. 
PCAD2002 Design manager gives you all information
about the components and nets in the design. You can
easily locate the component in the Design manager and
just move it to the position you'd like on the PCB.
Manual routing is not that bad but if you have to
modify it, it sucks.
PCAD has export to Specctra as all other CAD tools. 

A "good" PCB designer for me is one who can do the job
as fast as possible and as good as possible, using any
kind of CAD tool but NOT auto-routing. 
I used to work for a design bureau and I'm familiar
with that kind of thinking - just sprinkle the
components inside the board outline, do the fanout,
run Specctra and get the money. 
That's not for me. I do care what kind of designs I'm


--- Mike Reagan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
What do you have to say to PCAD
> users?  Same response?
> Mike Reagan

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