At 06:41 PM 5/16/2004, Mira wrote:
I don't like editing the manual routing in both PCAD
and Protel. Orcad and Allegro are much better.

I wonder if you could describe what you don't like. What is difficult, or tedious, or whatever about "editing the manual routing" in PCAD and Protel?

As for placing a part on top of a wire and getting the
wire disconnected... I don't see it in Protel99SE.

Right. I think it's a DXP feature.

don't see a wire name at all unless I place a net

Protel does not display automatically-assigned wire names.... The actual name assigned will vary with how connectivity is specified..... But I can't recall ever wanting to see these names.... In practice, one always knows a node in the net and the node is easy to find in Protel. I think DXP has made some advances in net analysis in Schematic, but I'm not sufficiently familiar....

 Even with a net label on the wire, I still see
a diode's pins shorted. Yes, I have a junction but
both pins are shorted.
Am I missing any thing obvious here?

Yes. I wrote that the autobreak facility was in DXP. Now, if I recall correctly -- I can't check on this notebook because my 99SE installation on it is broken -- you can drop a resistor on a wire and the wire *will* be broken, but the middle wire segment is not deleted. You have to manually delete it, one extra step. In practice, you might want to move it out of the way before deleting it.... But I'm not sure of my memory. It has become simpler in DXP.

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