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It gives me no pleasure (well...) to gang up on a guy who obviously doesn't 
have the slightest notion of what it means to possess even a modicum of social 
grace. But in the absence of a downvote button, how else do you voice your 
disapproval of a community member that is as ignorant as he is arrogant and who 
repeatedly insults fellow users that try to help? 

[BTW, it's all Marek's fault for having the extraordinary patience to indulge 
this buffoon with a straight face.]

Drew White:
> On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 18:33:25 UTC+10, Dave Ewart  wrote:
>> On Wednesday, 28.09.2016 at 01:06 -0700, Drew White wrote:
>>> On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 17:47:01 UTC+10, Foppe de Haan 
>>> wrote:
>>>> On Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 8:20:29 AM UTC+2, Drew 
>>>> White wrote:
>>>>> Does QWT require any specific version of Windows 7?  Or will 
>>>>> they work with all versions of Windows 7?
>>>> covered here: all. 
>>>> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/windows-tools-3/
>>> Doesn't even BEGIN to answer the question.
>> It *completely* answers your question.  In the first line: "Only 
>> 64-bit Windows 7 (any edition) is supported".  So you need Windows 
>> 7 64-bit, but the edition doesn't matter (e.g. Home, Enterprise, 
>> whatever).
> I said VERSION, not EDITION.

You should have stuck to Edition and just said, "Thanks for the answer", 
because now you look like a bigger idiot than when you began. A Windows 
version/build/release is just a collection of installed updates. That means 
that whatever version you install changes the moment you update it. Did you 
expect the devs to test every possible combination of Windows updates? Or to 
test a buggy old release?

>>>>> Why does QWT require TESTSIGNING to be turned on?  Is that 
>>>>> because Win7 requires things to be signed?
>>>> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/windows-appvms/ "Before
>>>> ...
>>> Still doesn't answer that question either.
>>> I said "hi devs" because I needed someone with the knowledge of 
>>> WHY, not just an end user reason, but a dev description that is 
>>> technical.
>> Again, that really *does* answer your question.  Windows 7 requires
>> drivers to be signed by a recognised certificate.  The Qubes Tools
>> drivers are *not* signed by a recognised certificate, so to make
>> them work one needs to toggle the TESTSIGNING flag so that Windows
>> 7 no longer cares about their certificates.
> Okay, it seems you can't understand a simple questions so I will 
> rectify it to be more the way I would have normally asked it before
> I started asking the questions in a way that more people can 
> understand, again, you are not a dev...
> Why do you need testsigning on when you can easily get a certificate 
> for signing your software when people could intercept with unsigned 
> software that will cause harm instead of goo and cause that guest 
> machine to be infected and  mean that qubes wasn't doing things
> right security wise?
> Does that better clarify the question that I'm asking as to the WHY?

Perfectly. Drew, thank you for refining your initial question to make it more 
Because now, the answer is... 
EXACTLY THE SAME as the one Foppe gave you at the outset. 

>>> So please, refrain from answering my questions with details that 
>>> don't answer anything. If the website had the information, I 
>>> would not be asking.
>> It sounds like the web site *does* include the information, you 
>> failed to find it (or didn't look), someone answered by pointing 
>> you at the right information and you merely insulted them in
>> reply. Glad to see you're still trolling here, Drew... :-/
> If you read my current reply, you will see that it doesn't answer
> the question(s)
> ...
> True, but he wasn't a dev, so I saw no reason to give more information.
> ...
> The question was perfectly stated, I was after a technical WHY, not an 
> end-user WHY.
> ...
> That is precise to an end-user, but I wanted a technical explanation. As I 
> said in a recent post, which may be worth you reading that sentence that also 
> relates here.

My bad, here's the technical version coming from an end-user: RTFM. (The answer 
starts with R- and ends with -PM.) I know it's hard to believe but, #IAmNotADev.

>>> That only tells me what you assign to a Windows Guest.
>>> What it doesn't tell me is what the tools require in seamless mode, 
>>> including but not limited to the Windows Guest and Dom0.
>> I'm sorry, but what I'm missing here is your explanation/indication as to 
>> what you have already tried yourself, and why the information you seek could 
>> not be retrieved by you installing a w7 VM, installing the tools, and 
>> checking ram use in a running VM; and secondly, if you had indeed checked 
>> that out before asking it here, why that information wasn't 
>> useful/sufficiently informative to you.
> That information doesn't tell me enough.
> It doesn't tell me what it REQUIRES. It only tells me what it's using.
> The devs would know what it requires.
> Please, my questions are very specific.

Oh, you wanted a specific answer... Well, if you're performing a Gaussian Blur 
on a 16 megapixel photo of Donald Trump eating a Taco using Photoshop, then you 
need 3,824,110,293 bytes of RAM and 2 cores. On the other hand, if you're 
playing Minesweeper while eating a taco yourself, then the requirement changes 
to 2,015,289,787 bytes of RAM and 1.42 cores.

And now... in the #DevFetish + #LeaveMarekAlone category:

> rhetorical question because it was there and available. Just pushing my point 
> that he is not a dev, and the whole thing is directed at devs, so only devs 
> OR people that know enough technical information should be answering.
> ...
> Well, if I don't make the questions more simple then they are too complex for 
> people to understand, it is something I have not perfected and I know by 
> simplifying questions they can become too generic.
> But my questions are related to DEVS, so that defines a technical information 
> requirement. Perhaps I should have been more explicit in that requirement?

You're too modest. You make people's heads explode with your mastery of complex 
subjects - for fun!

Just including some highlights so Jeremy doesn't feel like he's missing out.

And a rhetorical question: What happens if /dev/null overflows?

[I don't usually sign my posts, but this one...]


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