On Friday, 30 September 2016 18:34:29 UTC+10, Dave Ewart  wrote:
> As I said previously, the version of Windows is not usually discussed
> (since it just depends on which updates have been installed) and you
> would have got a better answer the first time if you'd included - for
> example - "My version number is currently Version 6.1.7601 for my
> Windows 7 Guest" in your original question.  That better question would
> have got you a better answer.
That is true, but I find often providing more information just gets bad 
responses from people. sometimes I say one thing and provide the information 
and I get told that they have nothing to do with one another, and yet one is 
related to the other directly. yet I get told otherwise.

As far as version goes, my statement was about version, not edition. Thus when 
I was provided information about edition not version, I had to make them 

> Serious advice: whether you intend it or not, Drew, a large number of
> your posts come across to many people here as impolite, aggressive &
> demanding.  This is not generally the case with other posters.  The fact
> that many people feel the same about your posts should tell you
> something.

Often, in the past, when I have posted, I added in information saying not to 
take my posts the wrong way. And yet people still did.

Because I've had that problem in the past, but people just don't read, and thus 
they interpret my posts when there is no interpretation to be made. And so they 
misunderstand or take offense. My posts are most often explicitly to the point, 
no beating around the bush.

> For example, here's how your current question could have been asked in a
> better way.
> === THE RIGHT WAY ===
> > > > Does QWT require any specific version of Windows 7?
> > >
> > > That's covered here: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/windows-tools-3/
> >
> > Ah, sorry, you misunderstand me: I meant version as in 'Windows 7
> > version 6.1.7601', not the Edition.  Are there any specific
> > requirements relating to that?
> >
> > ...
> Whereas your discussion went like this
> === THE WRONG WAY ===
> > > > Does QWT require any specific version of Windows 7?
> > >
> > > That's covered here: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/windows-tools-3/
> >
> > Doesn't even BEGIN to answer the question.
> You see the difference?  Your follow-up reply was inappropriate.  It
> didn't actually explain what you wanted, it didn't help them to help
> you, and it led to this ridiculous thread.
> Hope this helps, genuinely.

My reply made them use their brain to try to find the reason why, or else to 
ASK the reason why IF they couldn't figure it out. Yours just provided them 
information that made them not need to think or anything.

What I wanted was explained in the original question. there was no need for 
explanation of it because the question was "version" not "edition".

I see the fact that it may have been worded the wrong way, but I just get 
straight to the point, and say it as it is without beating around the bush, as 
I said earlier in the post.

My posts are not meant to be taken the wrong way. When there is nothing to be 
interpreted people interpret it and thus causing it to be offensive.

Or else they read it and don't think of it as informative (as per your example 
of my reply), and that they should just query, and not have everyone go off the 
deep end about it.

I had figured that by now everyone had already known about the things I 
normally put into my post to say not to misunderstand.

I will have to put that statement back in to avoid the harassment that I am 
getting again from people, since that is the reason once again.

thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will endeavor to be more careful 
in the future regarding the way I word the replies, and I will beat around the 
bush a little to be more polite rather than stating it as it is.

In this post the statement isn't here, because I have not gone to find it yet 
in pasts posts. thanks again for brining the actual issue to my attention so 
that I can improve myself and work on that.


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