On 09/24/2010 04:19 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Hi Stephen,
> >
> > I suspect that 1829 is due to an installation or packaging problem
> > with Djblets. I can't reproduce this on our install, which was
> > installed using easy_install. The log.html template is there, and has
> > been for a while.
Is there a path that should be set somewhere to tell RB where to find
this? The file is in its expected location, so it's definitely
ReviewBoard that can't locate it.

> >
> > 1828 is a definite bug, which I'll fix for the release.

> >
> > 1827 again looks to be an installation/configuration problem. E-mails
> > are working fine on our install. I don't believe it's a Django 1.1 vs
> > 1.2 incompatibility, as our nightly test suite checks for e-mail
> > signaling on both versions. However, I'll look into this further for
> > the release. Do you know if it worked in RC1? I don't think anything
> > with the signaling has changed in a long time.
It was not working on RC1 either, though I didn't have a chance to
really dig in and identify the problem (I got swamped by $DAYJOB and
only really managed to get back to this when RC2 hit). I don't know
configuration I could change to make this work. As I described in the
ticket, there's a problem with the signaling (a debug printout just
before the reply_published.send() or review_published.send() gets
printed, but the corresponding printout in the signal handler never

I don't know enough about Django to know where to start looking for
cause of the signaling problem.

The infrastructure we're working on is semi-public (Fedora project),
if you wanted to have a look at it directly you could contact me
off-list and I could see about getting you access.

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