(thread getting complicated, didn't mean to hijack).

Thanks for quick reply Christian.  I'll submit the 2 issues.  One more
thing I just noticed.  I did a quick search of the issues mailing list
and didn't see it.

1. Open file diff
2. Hide whitespace changes.  3rd file in to file list is just
whitespace changes.
3. Use 'f' shortcut to move to 3rd file.  "This file contains only
whitespace changes." is displayed
4. Hit 'n' shortcut to move to next diff.  I expected it to jump to
the first diff of next file.
5. Nothing happened.
6. I hit 'n' a bunch of times thinking it would eventually skip past
the hidden whitespace changes, but it didn't.  Hitting 'p' does move
to last diff of previous file.

Not sure what the expected behavior is, but I assumed it would jump to
the next file.

Great work on the tool.


On Sep 27, 7:36 am, Stephen Gallagher <karrde...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  On 09/24/2010 04:19 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:> > Hi Stephen,
> > > I suspect that 1829 is due to an installation or packaging problem
> > > with Djblets. I can't reproduce this on our install, which was
> > > installed using easy_install. The log.html template is there, and has
> > > been for a while.
> Is there a path that should be set somewhere to tell RB where to find
> this? The file is in its expected location, so it's definitely
> ReviewBoard that can't locate it.
> > > 1828 is a definite bug, which I'll fix for the release.
> Thanks.
> > > 1827 again looks to be an installation/configuration problem. E-mails
> > > are working fine on our install. I don't believe it's a Django 1.1 vs
> > > 1.2 incompatibility, as our nightly test suite checks for e-mail
> > > signaling on both versions. However, I'll look into this further for
> > > the release. Do you know if it worked in RC1? I don't think anything
> > > with the signaling has changed in a long time.
> It was not working on RC1 either, though I didn't have a chance to
> really dig in and identify the problem (I got swamped by $DAYJOB and
> only really managed to get back to this when RC2 hit). I don't know
> what
> configuration I could change to make this work. As I described in the
> ticket, there's a problem with the signaling (a debug printout just
> before the reply_published.send() or review_published.send() gets
> printed, but the corresponding printout in the signal handler never
> appears).
> I don't know enough about Django to know where to start looking for
> the
> cause of the signaling problem.
> The infrastructure we're working on is semi-public (Fedora project),
> so
> if you wanted to have a look at it directly you could contact me
> off-list and I could see about getting you access.

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