[Fis] Is information physical?

2018-06-04 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Arturo, Thank you very much for responding to my post (nobody else did not reacted to the UCLA finding). Even more thanks for directing me to the Neuroskeptic blog - the real discussion about the UCLA finding took place only there. You are incorrect stating that the "paper about

[Fis] in a literal translation

2018-03-03 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear all, My name - Emanuel - in a literal translation means "God with us". Despite of that, for the purpose of our current discussion, I would like to mention: The external observer, which provide us with the needed semantic information used (as a reference) for physical information

[Fis] no intention to depart

2018-01-14 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Sung, Dear FIS colleagues, Greeting Sung's arguments in regard of information duality challenge, I had no intention to depart from our current ongoing schedule - the discourse on the John Torday's New Year Lecture. (That is why I am not responding and will not respond to your comments).

[Fis] I salute to Sungchul

2018-01-12 Thread Emanuel Diamant
d for years, albeit under more historically rooted names: Physical and Semantic information [1]. Never mind, what is crucially important here is that the duality of information becomes publicly recognized and accepted by FIS community. I salute to Sungchul's suggestion! Best regards, Em

[Fis] Social information, Sociotype

2017-12-19 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Pedro, Dear Fises, I apologize, as usual, for intervening in your respected discussion. But in my humble understanding, the genotype-phenotype-sociotype triad is simply a list of behavioral forms (or types). Evidently, they all are endorsed and inspired by the information that is in


2017-11-05 Thread Emanuel Diamant
nkovic [mailto:gordana.dodig-crnko...@chalmers.se] Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2017 12:17 PM To: Emanuel Diamant Cc: markburgin Subject: INVITATION TO WORLD SCIENTIFIC VOLUME ON THE STUDY OF INFORMATION Dear Emanuel, As a result of Gothenburg meeting of the International Society for the

Re: [Fis] Principles of Information

2017-10-09 Thread Emanuel Diamant
cannot be falsifiable as the hypothesis of gravitional waves, but they may be discussed rationnally as starting points for principles and definitions of information. Cordialement. M. Godron Le 06/10/2017 à 18:26, Emanuel Diamant a écrit : Dear FISers, I have heartily welcomed Pedro’s initiative to

[Fis] Principles of Information

2017-10-06 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear FISers, I have heartily welcomed Pedro's initiative to work out some principles of information definition quest. But the upsetting discussion unrolled around the issue pushes me to restrain my support for the Pedro's proposal. The problem (in my understanding) is that FIS discussants are

[Fis] Principles of IS

2017-09-19 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Pedro, Dear FIS Colleagues, I heartily welcome Pedro's attempt to discipline our discussion on Principles that underpin our engagement with information studies. After all, the prime and most important purpose of our discussions is to find out the right and the all-embracing definition

[Fis] a limited response

2017-03-28 Thread Emanuel Diamant
pipermail/fis/2016-June/001039.html). And finally: "(there is an) urgent need to move away from entropy towards algorithmic information" (http://sciforum.net/conference/IS4SI-2017/isis-ICPI%202017). I hope these unfriendly winds will not mak

[Fis] Information as a complex notion

2016-11-05 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Pedro, Dear FIS colleagues, Because our current discussion (dubbed "Scientific Communication", announced by Pedro at Sept. 22, 2016) has deviated from its original purpose and shifted to our main and most relevant point of interest "What is information", I dare to remind you about my

[Fis] you cannot neglect the information duality

2016-07-02 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Hector, I am very impressed by your letter to Joe Brener. You are absolutely right when you say that Shannon's information is obsolete and is of limited use. But you are wrong saying that (it) "should not even be mentioned any longer in serious discussions about information". As far

[Fis] _comment to the "A Priori Modeling of Information"

2016-06-25 Thread Emanuel Diamant
like when I begin to preach and to teach FIS people that the Sun is rising on the East. Okay, I agree, and accept, and obey his constraints. For that reason, I will shut up with my comments. My best and kind regards to all of you, Yours, Emanuel Diamant. ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas.unizar.es http://listas.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis

[Fis] what is information

2015-10-03 Thread Emanuel Diamant
2015 2:38 PM To: Günther Witzany Cc: Emanuel Diamant; fa...@howardbloom.net; 'fis' Subject: Re: Information is a linguistic description of structures Dear FISers and all, I include below another response to Immanuel post (from Guenther). I think he has penned an excellent response--my only addition i

[Fis] Information is a linguistic description of structures

2015-09-23 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear FIS colleagues, As a newcomer to FIS, I feel myself very uncomfortable when I have to interrupt the ongoing discourse with something that looks for me quite natural but is lacking in our current public dialog. What I have in mind is that in every discussion or argument exchange, first of

Re: [Fis] FIS newcomer

2015-06-19 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Diamant. From: Jerry LR Chandler [mailto:jerry_lr_chand...@me.com] Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 8:42 PM To: Emanuel Diamant Subject: Re: [Fis] FIS newcomer Dear Emanuel: Thanks for posting your views on Research Gate. Interesting perspective, but... the essence

[Fis] FIS newcomer

2015-06-15 Thread Emanuel Diamant
, Emanuel Diamant. ___ Fis mailing list Fis@listas.unizar.es http://listas.unizar.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fis