Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-docs] [Gimp-developer] Proposed gimp tutorial

2013-10-14 Thread Pat David
releases for them as well. -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Proposed gimp tutorial

2013-10-16 Thread Pat David
goofing up the closures. I am on my way out of town for a couple of days as well, I will touch base again when I get closer to a finished tutorial. Thanks, Stephen On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 7:20 AM, Pat David patda...@gmail.comjavascript:_e({}, 'cvml', ''); wrote: Just

Re: [Gimp-web] Proposed gimp tutorial

2014-02-20 Thread Pat David
Hi Stephen! You can just leave it as an ODT file. I'll make the stylistic changes required to fit the website HTML. Give me a little time and I'll make the conversion and get it up to test. Thanks for the contribution! -- pat david

Re: [Gimp-web] Proposed gimp tutorial

2014-02-24 Thread Pat David
in Gimp. So I view using a gimp constant instead of a python library function (os.sep) as kind of a mistake. Please let me know if I missed something. Stephen On 2/20/2014 1:03 PM, Pat David wrote: Stephen, Just a couple of notes. There are some concerns about the introduction

Re: [Gimp-web] Mirrors Dropped from official list.

2014-03-15 Thread Pat David
:; -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

[Gimp-web] New Workflow

2014-07-16 Thread Pat David
sure I'm pushing the changes to the right place... -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Would like to be a new user

2014-07-17 Thread Pat David
___ gimp-web-list mailing list -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Drupal vulnerability... (

2014-11-13 Thread Pat David
the next few weeks, I think I will have to shut it down, as sad as that would make me. I would keep the data around for later recovery, however. Best Regards, Ingo Am 30.10.2014 20:51 schrieb Pat David I am wondering

Re: [Gimp-web] Website overhaul

2014-12-12 Thread Pat David
:// -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Update on New Site

2015-08-19 Thread Pat David
see, with Pelican, you hard code a page, run pelican, and it compiles it to a directory where it's viewable to others. I seems unnecessary and a bit redundant to me. What exactly are the benefits to using Pelican? Kasim Ahmic Sent from my iPhone On Aug 19, 2015, at 9:15 PM, Pat David

Re: [Gimp-web] Update on New Site

2015-08-22 Thread Pat David
Sort Marco, for some reason your emails in particular make google think you are phishing me.. :) On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 3:02 AM Marco Ciampa wrote: My only concern is about using markdown (see my other post and my little research:

Re: [Gimp-web] SGO text

2015-08-24 Thread Pat David
are taking the right decisions. Would you mind pinging me later this week? I think I can come up with some text for the programing algorithms part. Regards, js -- On 23 August 2015 at 23:28, Pat David wrote: So, I'm currently poking at the main page for the WGO redesign

[Gimp-web] SGO text

2015-08-23 Thread Pat David
So, I'm currently poking at the main page for the WGO redesign. I had mentioned in a previous mail the product vision from the vision briefing whose main points concerning the product vision were: A. HIgh-end photo manipulation B. Creating original art. C. Production elements (graphical design)

[Gimp-web] Cristobal GIMP web revamp

2015-07-30 Thread Pat David
So, I'm starting back up my efforts to look at a new build system and re-design of wgo. This is based partially on the prompting of the earlier mail from cristobal about a revamp of the site, and his suggestions. I _was_ going to use his mockups as a starting off point, but his github page is

[Gimp-web] WGO domain parked?

2015-08-06 Thread Pat David
The page resolves to a domain sales page. At least on my end. ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Getting involved with the "Get Involved" web page

2015-10-23 Thread Pat David
Hi Andrew! On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 11:36 PM Andrew Toskin wrote: > Hah, I just noticed that Mitch is also the administrator of this > mailing list, so I guess he really would know. I didn't really doubt > him, but I was holding out hope that there might be a GitHub or GitLab >

Re: [Gimp-web] Getting involved with the "Get Involved" web page

2015-10-21 Thread Pat David
Hi Andrew! On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 12:56 PM Andrew Toskin wrote: > > I'd like to contribute to the GIMP documentation, including the main > website. I figure the first place I'd like to start would be > clarifying *how to contribute*. The "Get Involved" page < >

Re: [Gimp-web] Getting involved with the "Get Involved" web page

2015-10-26 Thread Pat David
t; > On 2015-10-23 06:35, Pat David wrote: > > > It seems that the list may have stripped out your attachment? > > Huh. I'll try attaching it again, but just in case, here's the patch > file pasted below. > > From 580337e443bcca55b1e70bae72fcebcf9cdc50e6 Mon Sep

Re: [Gimp-web] Getting involved with the "Get Involved" web page

2015-10-27 Thread Pat David
On Mon, 2015-10-26 at 20:49 -0700, Andrew Toskin wrote: > > On Mon, 2015-10-26 at 19:12 +, Pat David wrote: > > > Andrew, > > > > > > I think the email mangled your patch data - was it a webmail client > > > that did this, or did you use the sendmail/git fe

Re: [Gimp-web] Check

2015-11-10 Thread Pat David
On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 7:19 AM John Roper wrote: > I just finished building a site that had many of the same features. > Http:// check it out and tell me what you > think. It was supposed to be a site for feature requests for Blender. It > does

[Gimp-web] Fwd: [Gimp-developer] tutorials

2015-11-08 Thread Pat David
9:48 AM Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] tutorials To: Pat David <> Go ahead! *From:* Pat David <> *Sent:* Sunday, November 08, 2015 3:30 PM *To:* Ed <> *Subject:* Re: [Gimp-developer] tutorials Absolutely, I'l

[Gimp-web] WGO Transition Meeting

2015-11-12 Thread Pat David
We had a meeting today on #gimp-web around what needs to be done to the new site (SGO) as we transition to replace the old one (WGO). The consensus was that there are still a few things to iron out, but that we should be able to announce the new site in time to coincide with our 20th anniversary

Re: [Gimp-web] WGO Transition Meeting

2015-11-12 Thread Pat David
For reference (thanks Sam!), SGO = This is going to be the new website soon. WGO = This site will soon be replaced by what is on On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 3:49 PM Pat David <> wrote: > We had a meeting today

[Gimp-web] Check

2015-11-04 Thread Pat David
Hi all! You may or may not realize this, but a neat GIMP anniversary is fast approaching. On November 21, we will mark 20 years since Peter Mattis announced a beta of the General Image Manipulation Program on a few different mailing lists... As such,

Re: [Gimp-web] About the application for a wew GIMP Mirror in Switzerland

2015-10-30 Thread Pat David
Hi Jaime! I'm checking on this for you - hope to know something before long. On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 7:46 AM ComunidadHosting wrote: > Hi, > > I just want to make sure the application for a new GIMP mirror in > Switzerland is going fine. I posted the application

Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-developer] WGO Update Status

2015-10-06 Thread Pat David
Awesome feedback! (I thrive on having a task list in front of me!) :D On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 8:38 PM Jehan Pagès wrote: > Hi, > > 1/ Is it possible to force the download page at least to be https? > There are some companies which provides free certificates with root

Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-developer] WGO Transition Meeting

2015-11-13 Thread Pat David
nor issue if an > issue at all for others. > > On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 2:11 PM, Pat David <> wrote: > >> For reference (thanks Sam!), >> >> SGO = >> This is going to be the new website soon. >> >> WGO =

Re: [Gimp-web] SGO text

2015-08-28 Thread Pat David
Joao, First, hope you had a Happy Birthday this week! Second - I'm pinging you about the programming algorithms text... :) On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 11:22 AM Pat David wrote: Hi Joao! Awesome! Yes, I will ping you later this week to remind you. :) On Mon, Aug 24, 2015

[Gimp-web] Status Update on Redesign

2015-08-31 Thread Pat David
Sorry, I think I accidentally sent the previous email prematurely (hold the jokes)... Also, including gimp-dev on this to get it to a broader audience. Just a small status update on the new site. I _think_ the new infrastructure is done. I haven't had to do any further tweaks to it so far, and

Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-developer] Status Update on Redesign

2015-09-01 Thread Pat David
Accidentally replied off-list, putting it back on-list here. On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 9:29 AM Pat David <> wrote: > Hi Americo! Thank you for the kind words, it's been quite fun to work on! > > > + "Interviews" -- with people the is using GIMP as

Re: [Gimp-web] William is willing to help :)

2015-09-14 Thread Pat David
On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 9:58 AM Adan Mateos wrote: > Hello. > I'm Adam. So, I'm working in some project about digital image processing > and I have an implementation about imsge segmentation, I guess it better > than other programs that do it. So I will send some

[Gimp-web] WGO Redesign Update

2015-09-18 Thread Pat David
Just a small update. I've been busy IRL, and haven't had a chance to work on some things these past weeks. I'll be ramping back up shortly. I incorporated some changes per Jakub from a couple of weeks ago (mostly the navigation header font and styling). I am still trying to sort out some font

[Gimp-web] "Free Software" vs. "Open Source"

2015-12-02 Thread Pat David
Referring to this bug report: Should I change the lead description text to just "The Free Software Image Editor"? ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] "Free Software" vs. "Open Source"

2015-12-02 Thread Pat David
I prefer the original as well. Unless there's a compelling argument for changing it, I'll leave it as is. On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 6:38 AM Alexandre Prokoudine <> wrote: > On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 3:06 PM, Pat David wrote: > > Referring to this bug report

[Gimp-web] Microdata markup formats

2015-11-25 Thread Pat David
I'm in the middle of adding micordata markup the WGO and was wondering if anyone had any input concerning implementation, types, or formats. At the moment I'm going to focus on both microdata (considering JSON-LD, but likely microdata atm) and opengraph. I can't seem to find any

[Gimp-web] Fwd: Need help to translate the Gimp website?

2015-11-27 Thread Pat David
Just putting this back on the list. -- Forwarded message - From: Pat David <> Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 3:16 PM Subject: Re: [Gimp-web] Need help to translate the Gimp website? To: Alex <> Hi Alex! I wrote a pre

[Gimp-web] WGO Front page copy, Features, and Screenshots

2015-11-28 Thread Pat David
Hi all! So I'm at a point where we can start looking more seriously at the copy text on the front page, a "Features" page, and a "Screenshots" page. Copy Text & Features The copy text on the four sections can desperately use a re-write. These are the old placeholders I put up

Re: [Gimp-web] Which social media sites shall we support?

2015-11-27 Thread Pat David
I'm revisiting this soon, and think that, as Alex already mentioned, focusing on Twitter, G+, FB seems like a good start (a good case might be made for something like Pinterest as well, but I'll leave that for later at the moment). I'm actually thinking of forgoing any icons and instead including

Re: [Gimp-web] Microdata markup formats

2015-11-29 Thread Pat David
; I like OpenGraph too, because it's the easiest to understand and implement > -- just add a few tags to the document instead of trying to > incorporate microdata throughout the page -- and pretty widely supported. > > ~Andrew > > > On Wed, 2015-11-25 at 18:09 +, Pat

Re: [Gimp-web] Need help to translate the Gimp website?

2015-11-30 Thread Pat David
that will need to be translated. If you can translate one and email to me or the list, we can start making some headway on a process! Thanks again for volunteering! pat On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 3:17 PM Pat David <> wrote: > -- Forwarded message - > Fro

Re: [Gimp-web] Need help to translate the Gimp website?

2015-11-30 Thread Pat David
so, a guide on how to generate the localized versions would be a > nice thing to have. > > On 30 November 2015 at 15:25, Pat David <> wrote: > > Alex, > > > > I know that some folks may not be comfortable in git just yet. If you'd > > like a

Re: [Gimp-web] WGO Front page copy, Features, and Screenshots

2015-12-01 Thread Pat David
at 6:11 PM Alexandre Prokoudine <> wrote: > On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 6:45 PM, Pat David wrote: > > > 1. Features > > 2. HQ Photo Features > > 3. Art Creation Features > > 4. Graphic Design Features > > 5. Programming/Ex

[Gimp-web] SGO to WGO Transition

2015-11-20 Thread Pat David
If so, please let me know asap, and I'll try to get it patched up this evening. Thank you everyone who helped out and gave me (much needed) feedback! Happy 20th, GIMPers! pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list https://mail.gnome.

Re: [Gimp-web] An introduction, and a simple patch

2016-06-07 Thread Pat David
aimed at our audience. We are well aware of the gnu links and the what they say. Thank you for the links, though. Pat -- Pat David ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Social media: consolidation of comments

2016-01-22 Thread Pat David
Akk, Do you mean the news that we ("GIMP") post to our own G+ account? On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 12:32 PM Akkana Peck <> wrote: > Pat David writes: > > First, let me clarify so I understand what you may be proposing: > > > > 1. A means fo

Re: [Gimp-web] Social media: consolidation of comments

2016-01-26 Thread Pat David
to folks I'll look into it. -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Social media: consolidation of comments

2016-01-22 Thread Pat David
to > build sensible queries; > - you need someone who maintains all this; > - etc. etc. etc. > > Would it be useful for the team? I guess so. Is it realistic? Probably not. > > Alex > ___ > gimp-web-list mailing list > > > -- pat david ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] HELP! Download issue

2016-03-11 Thread Pat David
window opens. > > HELP ! ? > > -- > Bill Wright > > "Must be the cobblestones" > ___ > gimp-web-list mailing list > > > -- Pat David h

Re: [Gimp-web] Tutorial about sharpening using IWrap tool

2016-04-10 Thread Pat David
ebsite if you want. > > Thanks > > Nicolas Belleville > > -- Pat David ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

[Gimp-web] Gitlab as a replacement for

2016-04-01 Thread Pat David
that it would be good to try and get something up and running soon. I have started experimenting with including submodules from other author repos and how it might look here: I look forward to hearing some thoughts on this! pat -- Pat David https://

Re: [Gimp-web] [Gimp-developer] Gitlab as a replacement for

2016-04-04 Thread Pat David
p: > > List archives: > ___ > gimp-developer-list mailing list > List > List membership: > > List archives: > -- Pat David ___ gimp-web-list mailing list

Re: [Gimp-web] Gitlab as a replacement for

2016-04-04 Thread Pat David
om/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/blob/master/LICENSE - MIT License). We can host the infrastructure on our own servers if we need to. If everyone feels we are better off on GNOME infrastructure, I'm all ears if we can try to keep a similar level of accessibility for users. -- Pat David http:

[Gimp-web] 2.8 Splash Screen Attribution

2016-07-28 Thread Pat David
per mitch from irc, I've added the 2.8 splash screen to but I'm not sure who the author is - could someone please point me to the author so I can attribute properly? Thanks! pat -- Pat David

Re: [Gimp-web] future of static copy

2017-02-06 Thread Pat David
wn responsible maintainer, e.g., the one from > the > > Best Regards, > Ingo > ___ > gimp-web-list mailing list > > &g

Re: [Gimp-web] Help to

2017-04-22 Thread Pat David
Hi peylight! We have some ideas about possibly federating plugin repositories and making them available though an interface on GIMP, but we're always glad to hear suggestions or ideas! What do you have in mind? Pat On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 3:45 PM peylight wrote: > Hello

Re: [Gimp-web] Improve "Gimp for mac" page

2017-08-18 Thread Pat David
I'm honestly not sure how you even ended up on that page. :) We mention this on the page. On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 7:45 AM Сергей Краюшкин wrote: > Hi! > In this page > >

Re: [Gimp-web] Status Plugin Registry

2017-08-21 Thread Pat David
Hi Peter! The status is, it's holding until we can get some time/manpower to finalize an implementation that will be integrated with GIMP properly... On Sun, Aug 20, 2017 at 1:48 PM Peter Hoffmann wrote: > Hy, > > what's the status of the Plugin Registry? What kind of help

[Gimp-web] Updating references to Bugzilla

2018-06-07 Thread Pat David
All, I'm in the process of updating pages on the website that reference Bugzilla. (per the issue here: Unless I hear otherwise, my thoughts are: * Update all references from "Bugzilla" to "GitLab issues". * Change the link on /bugs/ for

Re: [Gimp-web] How to translate gimp web document into Korean

2018-06-11 Thread Pat David
Hi Sebul! That's a great question. The actual website itself is actually The document you linked to is technically the gimp-docs I believe (their mailing list can be found here: I was going to propose moving the

Re: [Gimp-web] Hello everyone!

2018-06-03 Thread Pat David
? (Sorry for the questions, I am woefully ignorant of how you awesome translators do your work). On Sun, Jun 3, 2018 at 10:45 AM Marco Ciampa wrote: > On Sun, Jun 03, 2018 at 08:18:13AM -0500, Pat David wrote: > > Hello all! > > > > We actually do have a mechanism in p

Re: [Gimp-web] Gimp is being sold on Ebay :(

2018-07-31 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
Hello! If they are providing the source code and appropriate license attributions, this shouldn't be a problem (though it is kind of shady). It might make sense to call them out on the comments and point to to make sure people

Re: [Gimp-web] Gimp is being sold on Ebay :(

2018-08-01 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
But thank you for taking the time to notify us of a possible problem! We appreciate the effort and thought! :D pat On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 1:47 PM William Mckee via gimp-web-list <> wrote: > Hi, > > This use to be very common. Downloading would take forever so was better

Re: [Gimp-web] Registry Site Help

2018-08-18 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
of of concept and exercise type > projects. In order to get some practical experience I wanted to work > with other folks who perhaps have a project already and need > assistance coding which is why I had offered. I am still interested, > looking forward to hearing back. > > Th

Re: [Gimp-web] macOS .dmg download terribly slow

2018-09-01 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
This url relies on mirrors I believe? It may just be a slow mirror. On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 1:34 PM Víctor M. Valenzuela wrote: > Hey there, > > the download at > >{version.major_minor}/osx/gimp-#{version}-x86_64.dmg > , > as used by >

Re: [Gimp-web] What happened to the plugin registry?

2018-07-10 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
Hello Miguel, The "incident" is that the registry was hosted on an old drupal installation that was a little long in the tooth. Maintaining and securing it was straining our resources beyond what we had available (and the entire infrastructure wasn't quite what we need). The team has been

Re: [Gimp-web] Change in Contact Details GIMP Mirror in France

2018-12-09 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
I think this is the right list to be on. I’ll check on email change requirements. On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 2:11 PM ComunidadHosting wrote: > Hi! > > I'm in charge of maintaining the following mirror: > > > > In France. > > And I don't know if this is something you

Re: [Gimp-web] Outdated Git Repo URL

2019-07-14 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
Ah, thank you for catching this. That article is quite old and should really point to the wiki maybe, which I believe has more up-to-date information. I’ll make the changes. Would you possibly be able to add an issue for this so I don’t forget? ;)

Re: [Gimp-web] Review Request for GIMP Help Patch

2019-08-27 Thread Pat David via gimp-web-list
I'd love to merge this but it might be a bit until I can build locally and check. Perhaps prokoudine could check it sooner? On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 8:27 AM Andre Klapper wrote: > Hi, > > could someone please review / merge > >