Re: [Organizers] Welcome email to new dancers -- bit of an exciting success story

2018-06-15 Thread John Sweeney via Organizers
dates, venue changes, closures, cancellations, etc. E-Mail (CAPITALS): _ How did you hear about us? = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = I don’t send individua

Re: [Organizers] Lower attendance this year?

2017-12-19 Thread Jeff Kaufman via Organizers
location, which we've never found. (As soon as I win the lottery I > will...) > 14-1/2 years ago we switched from Saturday evenings to Friday evenings, due > to venue problems. Saturdays had higher attendance, but lost more money > because the hall was a lot more expensive. > We have

Re: [Organizers] Cancellations payment to musicians and callers policy

2017-12-09 Thread Brian Appleberry via Organizers
I recently left the Board, so I will speak in the past tense: 1) In the last 14 years, we (the dance organizers) never cancelled a dance due to weather - people seem to come anyway, in Vermont.  However, sometimes the owner of the venue closed (cancelled) due to the weather. 2) As soon

Re: [Organizers] Youth on your organizing boards/committees?

2019-01-23 Thread Heitzso via Organizers
rd meetings, etc.) I should be meeting with them in the next few days. Belaboring this because we want their input on     how to make the space work for children while staying safe         (upper running track, toddler play area, skating (skates available at venue) before/during/

Re: [Organizers] outdoor dances in parks?

2019-04-08 Thread Terri Widergren via Organizers
We have been fortunate to have an amazing Parks and Rec department in The City of Pasco, 9n the cities here in the Tri-Cities, WA. They co-sponsor our summer dance series by providing the venue (a pavillion with concrete slab) at no charge, tables, chairs, coolers with water, advertising